Shepherd is a consulting organization that is passionate about making government agencies successful in fulfilling their charters. We do this by working as a partner to agencies, through planning and execution.

Successful transformation requires vision, planning and meticulously aligned execution. These are Shepherd’s strengths.

Our Shepherd public sector division has deep experience in planning and execution, and leverages our highly successful commercial division’s experience to bring best practices to bear for our government clients in each and every engagement. As a leading management consulting, we help our clients deliver better results for people they serve.

Now more than ever, State & Local agencies rely on their consulting partners to provide advice and solutions they can trust.

Shepherd has the experience and “know how” that agencies count on. Our value to State and Local government jurisdictions comes from the unbiased and highly specialized services we provide to help them enhance agency and program effectiveness, create cost efficiencies, meet mission responsibilities and, ultimately, achieve their strategic goals. Since Shepherd is not an outsourcing company that is only interested in capturing long-term and mega-sized contracts that often fail to meet the intended goals, we bring a fresh and objective presence to government consulting.

Providing State and Local Agencies Unsurpassed Strategic Value. Our approach to serving our clients is straightforward, transparent and client-outcome driven. We focus on accomplishing “customer-defined” key outcomes because that is where the value is for our clients. Anything short of producing the expected result is just activity and cost that accomplished too little and fell short of the goal.

Our outcome-focused approach reduces our clients’ stress levels because we remove the uncertainty normally surrounding business or technology initiatives. We do this by engineering well-planned solutions that address accountability and promote transparency from beginning to end.

Client Satisfaction

Providing strategic value to our clients is at the core of our culture. In fact, our organization’s mission statement is about always putting the client’s needs first, ahead of our own.

Our passion for delivery for our clients pays off by creating WIN-WIN relationships and long-term trust.