Shepherd consultants have been involved in government contracting all of their careers. We are able to pass this expertise on to our clients through:

  • Cost submission preparation
  • Advisory services
  • Assistance in developing solid procedures for withstanding compliance audits
  • Disclosure statement preparation
  • Fixed Forward pricing for fuel hedging
  • Proposal development
  • Compliance review

Privatization Initiatives

Shepherd has worked to understand the best practices of privatization of public sector functions and what makes sense for one local government may not make sense for another. There we focus on custom solutions versus the standard cookie cutter approaches other consultants deliver. We have worked in local governments and understand the fiscal constraints of providing quality services to the public while minimizing cost whenever and wherever possible. Phillip has done evaluations and has led efforts to outsource local government functions while protecting the agency in the event it became cost effective to bring it back in-house.

Cost Pool Structure Development and Maintenance

Many companies do not have the expertise in-house to develop or maintain the pool structure necessary to fully recover their cost and comply with government reporting requirements. Our backgrounds include many years of cost management through development and maintenance of indirect rates.

Cost Proposal Preparation

Cost proposals require an extensive amount of time be dedicated to the process. Most companies do not have adequate staff or expertise to develop proposals on a consistent basis. We have experience in assisting in the development of proposals. We also ensure that the proposal is consistent with your accounting system

Government Reporting

We have a vast amount of experience in preparing government reports such as incurred cost submissions, forward pricing rate agreements, and contract status reports.