Phillip VasquezPhillip Vasquez is the Managing Director and CEO of Shepherd Government Services Group, SGSG, LLC. Shepherd is a government consulting organization comprised of several nationally highly regarded government consultants forming part of his team by:

  • Develops RFPs, evaluates proposals and ensures contract compliance on a variety of commodities.
  • Provide professional consultant services for various Purchasing organizations including Purchasing Cooperatives.
  • Provide adjunct staffing for Local Governments and assists Local Governments become more effective and efficient by following proven best business practices.
  • Developed Strategic Planning and Reorganization/Realignment of functions throughout the governmental organization.
  • Assists private companies in their understanding of marketing and selling to State and Local Governments. This includes bid preparation and bid review prior to submitting them for consideration by the Government  Agency.

Prior to founding Shepherd Government Services Group Phillip Vasquez worked as a:

  • Contract Manager for TCPN (Region 4 ESC in Houston, TX) where he developed a portfolio of contracts from approximately $30-40 million to over $400 million in annual volume. He was very influential in growing the program from 1000 participants mostly in Texas to about 22,000 participants in all 50 states. He also was responsible for ensuring compliance of the contracts in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures.
  • Purchasing Director for Dallas County with a purchasing budget of goods and services of over $100 million in addition of 100 million in construction projects. Responsible for managing approximately 200 contracts and approximately 150 formal bids a year. Issuing an average of 12,000 purchase orders a year.

He also held the positions of Business Manager Parks and Recreation Department, Business Manager Efficiency Team for the City of Dallas and Director of Support Services RSI, Inc. and Manager Regulatory Affairs/Consumer Affairs at International Telecharge, Inc.

Phillip has a passion for volunteering. He is a Cub Scout volunteer and likes watching the families enjoy the scouting experience. Phillip has volunteered at his church in religious education for many years and currently  has worked as a youth leader for several years now. Phillip also volunteers at the local soccer association ensuring the youth have a positive leisure experience with soccer. He has participated in many professional organizations including NAPM, ISM, NPI, and NIGP. He also held a position as a President of the Public Purchasing Association of North Central Texas (PPANCT) between 2004-2005. Phillip is a frequent presenter at workshops for Public Purchasing. He was a presenter at the National Purchasing Institute for 3 years in a row. He has presented workshops on Cooperative Purchasing at the National Institute (NPI) of Government Purchasing (NIGP) in 2002 and again in 2012.